1216S Replacement Sheath: Glass-Filled Nylon, KA-BAR Glass Fill

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KA1216 Replacement Kydex Sheath

Fits and locks in most KA-BAR knives with 7″ blades. Does not fit item 1271 or 1273.

Custom molded of Kydex which is an acrylic thermoplastic with high impact and abrasion resistant qualities. It is impervious to most chemicals, solvents, petroleum based products and moisture, including salt water.

The permanent memory of Kydex assures that its custom molded shape will keep its form without shrinking or cracking, even under repeated extreme stress. The sheath is ambidextrous for right or left handers and the knife is securely held by specially created contours keeping it quickly accessible. An additional high security pommel snubber strap of molded Elastollan is also provided for extreme security even in the most demanding situations such as sky jumps, dense underbrush and underwater work.

Made in USA.

Discontinued Item.

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